Products and expertise

Latin America
Our main lines of business are property and surety, in addition to marine, casualty and motor risks.

We are able to promptly evaluate attractive opportunities using the strong network we have created in the region and we maintain close relationships with our counterparties throughout the region. 

Rio de Janeiro:
+55 (21) 3559-5900
+57 (1) 650-2888
Buenos Aires:
+54 (11) 3753-4600 


Markel Latin America provides surety, fidelity and credit coverage. Our extensive understanding of the local market allows us to participate in the regions’ historically successful businesses.


The company focuses on property proportional and excess of loss catastrophe programs, operating with selected brokers and ceding companies.

Marine, motor and casualty

We also write proportional and non-proportional marine, casualty and motor business.