While businesses and individuals may attempt to avoid a loss, claims do occur and must be dealt with fairly and quickly to ensure that any distruption to our ploicyholders' businesses and lives is kept to a minimum.

Our claims philosophy

We want to be "the most customer focused, nimble and value adding claims team in the market."

We give our brokers and insureds the sort of service they want, combining intelligence, enthusiasm and imagination with an efficient and effective process. 

  • More than emergency reponse

We believe our claims service to be so good that it's an active reason for our brokers and their clients to insure with Markel rather than someone else. We work hard to make sure our cliams services is of the highest quality. 

  • We are here to pay claims 

And we do so in a way that is fast, efficient and creative. We're always looking for better and faster ways to deal with claims. We'll decide quickly and let you know quickly and clearly, even if the answer is no. Then we'll explain why and give you an opportunity to tell us if you disagree.

  • A creative approach

We look for better ways to resolve any disputes you may be involved in. We’ll do our best to help you reach a good outcome for you/your business and your clients.

Our team

Each of our divisions and branches has a senior claims contact supported by a dedicated team of experts. By using talented and experienced in-house specialists, we are able to manage claims fairly and efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Depending on the nature of the claim, we may involve additional professional third parties that can help ensure the effective resolution of complex or unusual claims. We may appoint external loss adjusters to help turnaround low value claims more efficiently for the benefit of our policyholders. 

How to make a claim

The majority of our business is written through insurance brokers. In the event of a claim, unless your policy states otherwise, you should generally first contact the broker who originally arranged your policy.

However, if you would like to talk to a member of our team about a claim or potential claim or you would like some guidance on the claims process, please use the contact details below.


Trade credit:

Antony Bastow
Senior Claims Adjuster

If you are a broker who needs to notify us of a claim, please contact us using the general enquiry or by post to the address listed on our get in touch page.