Creative and media 

The risks facing media professionals and companies are challenging. The sector has grown and evolved rapidly with the expansion of digital and social media marketing and publishing. This has changed how content distributed and paid for.

We have been successfully underwriting risks in the sector for over 25 years so understand well the exposures that creative and media companies face.



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Legal liabilities

  • Professional liability
  • General liability 
  • Employment liability 

Management risks 

  • Entity defence
  • Employment law protection (not available in Northern Ireland)
  • Directors and officers liability

Protection of assets 

  • Property damage, including media and computer equiptment 
  • Fidelity 
  • Money and personal assault 

Cyber and data risks 

  • Data loss 
  • Data liability 
  • Cyber loss
  • Cyber liability
  • Network interruption 
  • Debt recovery helpline 
  • Employer helpline and guides
  • PR crisis management

For further information please visit the policyholder services page.

Media professionals/ agencies

  • Marketing and advertising consultancy
  • Graphic Design, PR and Corporate branding
  • Digital marketing and web design


Production services

  • Event organisers
  • Photography and filming
  • Corporate film production


Traditional media

  • Publishing services - print and online
  • Broadcasters
  • Freelance Journalists, Authors, Copywriters etc.