Biomedical and life sciences insurance

Our specialist biomedical and life sciences insurance includes companies that design, develop or supply medicines. 

These companies are vulnerable to a number of exposures that require more protection than a general insurance product would provide.


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Our coverage is tailored for UK based SMEs in the following fields:

  • Research and development
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors

Legal liabilities

  • Liability - injury and property damage
  • Liability - financial loss
  • Clinical trials
  • Employers’ liability

Management risks

  • Entity defence
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

Protection of assets

  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Specified all risks
  • Money and personal assault
  • Transit

Extensions available

  • Public utilities
  • Denial of access
  • Restrictions to premises
  • Customers extension
  • Suppliers extension
  • Product withdrawal expense

Medicines - Claim example

Specialist cover for a pharmaceutical company

The policyholder is a pharmaceutical company, established in 1995, they have a range of oncology products both in development and also on the market. Based in the United Kingdom the company had built up a strong client base including NHS and a number of overseas contracts.

The Issues: 

The company planned to begin recruiting for a UK clinical trial during the policy period, and the research and development of the new products was funded from existing product sales and third party investment. The products were also manufactured by a third party company in Swansea and then stored and distributed to customers by a specialist distribution company. 38% of the income is generated from sales in the US.

The solution: 

As with all the risks that we review, we underwrite the policyholder as much as the product itself. In this sector we are used to seeing new and challenging technologies so we find comfort in understanding how potential clients manage the associated risks.

Alongside insurance solutions, we can also assist your clients with tax and funding services such as R&D tax relief, tax funding and patent box through our partner Abbey Tax. 

Download the service brochures below: 

For more information about any of these specialist tax and funding services, please contact your local Markel underwriter.