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Supporting carers at Christmas

Thanks to the kind donations from staff the collection of gifts this year was bigger than ever. Based in our Leeds head office, receptionist, Heather White, runs the annual campaign and uses staff donations to buy and beautifully wrap a variety of gifts from cosmetic gift sets to boxes of luxury biscuits and chocolates.

The gifts will be distributed at the annual Carers’ Christmas Party in Leeds as well as being sent out to more isolated carers who may not be able to leave the person they care for.

Christmas can be a challenging time for carers. Having to care, unpaid, for a friend or family member due to an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction they have is difficult enough without the other stresses of the season, and it’s easy to see how this time of year can become all too much.

Heather explains what the campaign means to her “I have previously been a carer to my mum who is now in a care home, but I appreciate all that carers do for their loved ones, not only do they look after them probably on a 24 hour basis they give their heart and soul to the person they are caring for and are a special kind of person.

I look forward to the challenge every year and love to see the look on Val’s face (CEO of Carers Leeds) when she comes to the Markel office and sees how generous everyone has been to make an exceptional Christmas for Carers Leeds.”

As our chosen charity we're proud to continue our support for Carers Trust, this year we have raised almost £20,000 for the charity and the three carers centres we support.

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