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Specialist cover for a diverse not-for-profit sector

Examples of not-for-profit organisations we could provide insurance for include:

  • An association which represents a specific industry or profession, promoting trade, best practice and setting professional standards.
  • An organisation raising funds in support of autism research. To fund and stimulate innovative research to improve understanding and outcomes for people with autism.
  • A college working with organisations to provide qualifications, vocational skills and apprenticeships to adults to bridge skills gaps and develop qualifications that meet the needs of industry.
  • A parks trust promoting, owning and maintaining green spaces in a local area.

As an experienced insurer of numerous charities and not-for-profit organisations, we are able to identify and deal with the specific risks that arise in this sector. Our new package solution covers your client beyond professional and management risks and includes additional covers such as public liability, employers liability and property damage.

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