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Carers week - Carers in the workplace

As carers week highlight new research findings: ‘Carers in the workplace’. Heather White, our receptionist in Leeds told us about her experience as a carer and how she juggles work with caring responsibilities.

“I work full time at Markel, in the evening I visit & care for my mum. My mum has carers throughout the day and I visit her five nights a week and at weekends. I take care of things like washing, shopping and ensuring her meals are healthy and nutritious, it’s the small things like making sure she has fresh fruit and veg.”

“Being a carer is like having a number of jobs, I am my mum’s chiropodist, hairdresser, secretary, advisor and banker but most importantly not only am I her daughter but her best friend.”

“My mum often says to me “What would I do without you?” I think that is true for all carers especially those that are full time carers, they really are angels in disguise.”

“In the workplace we are greatly involved in fundraising activities for Carers Trust and I really enjoy getting involved in events throughout the year.”

Last year we donated just over £17,000 which is generated by corporate and staff fundraising initiatives, including dress down days, sponsorship and challenges and our scheme where we donate £1 for every new insurance policy bound on our broker e-trading system. The total amount raised since we began our support in 2008 is almost £160,000!