Markel Care

Specialist providers for the care sector, providing a range of key benefits and complimentary services to social welfare insurance policyholders.

We have extensive experience of providing specialist insurance for UK charitable and commercial organisations who provide care, support and advice for disadvantaged or vulnerable people.

As a specialist insurer we understand the challenging risks involved in the care sector and constantly strive to enhance our proposition to policyholders. The 'You care, we care' portal has been developed to provide valuable resources and complimentary services to assist businesses.

These include:

  • 8 hours care consultancy services
  • 24 hour access, 365 days a year access to the Markel business and legal helpline
  • Unlimited access to a DIY legal Toolkit, containing over 1000 legal templates and documents written by solicitors and barristers
  • A marketing portal where policyholders can create and dispatch white labelled marketing campaigns
  • 25% discount for policyholders and their accountant to seek advice on complex tax and VAT matters
  • 50% discount off the set up fee for new customers of the market leading facility management software ClearCare

Markel social welfare policyholders wanting to access the care portal should contact Markel by email (or ask their broker to do so):

Information required:

  • Policyholder name
  • Policyholder email address
  • Certificate number