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Kayaking across the Carribean

The trust aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to get into the outdoors, to test themselves in different environments, and to push their limits. It was founded by Durham University students Will McCreadie and George Parry to help young people develop their character through exposure to challenging, exciting and inspiring experiences.

The trust offers small to medium size grants to individuals who need financial support in order to achieve this aim. The sponsorship aims to raise awareness of the Markel University programme recently launched in London.

The team has so far raised over £7,000 and welcome any donations you may be able to offer here.

Will and George have set off on a 3 months sea kayak expedition extraordinaire, paddling across the Caribbean with neither support team, nor safety boat.

If successful, they will become the first British kayaking team to cross the Caribbean, paddling a distance equivalent to the English Channel each day. The team will be taking on some challenging conditions, enduring open water crossings of up to 90 miles, and various risks including blistering heat, physical and mental exhaustion, big swells, razor reefs, rocks, sharks and other sea monsters to name but a few. The team was stranded on Carriacou island when Hurricane Matthew hit the area earlier this week.

Commenting on the sponsorship, William Stovin, president, Markel International, said: “We are delighted to sponsor the Golden Arc Expedition and hope that the challenge will inspire other young people to show gritty determination to overcome risks in order to succeed in unusual or demanding circumstances.”