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Claims awards and finalist

The claims team consists of over 80 people operating from nine office locations in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Open claims count is currently 40,223 with a value of $2.4bn.

What’s really been rewarding for everybody has been the way the whole team across the globe has contributed to Markel’s success. It’s amazing what you can do as a team and going through the process of delivering our claims vision has made use of all our talents, brought everybody closer together and made us all more likely to ask for help and ideas from our colleagues. This has meant that our brokers say that they have seen an across-the-board improvement in the service we offer and that this has already started to bring us business benefits.

The team’s entries to the awards talked about the delivery of the claims vision and highlighted survey results showing that 95% of respondents said claims service levels had improved this year.